Comics -- Before throwing my lot in with film, I dabbled in creating comicbook stories. I've also begun slowly compiling an ethereal library of the better self-published efforts from the mini-comic scene. Hasn't been updated in a while.

Music Video -- The minor viral success of "Dance, Voldo, Dance" was the impetus for leaping into film.

Fifteen Minutes -- At Comicon 2005 I was one of three representatives chosen to video tape their experiences for IFC. I wrote some stuff about the experience, and am busily expanding upon the footage for my own documentary on Independent Comics.

Speechifying -- At Comicon 2003 I had the honor of accepting an award for an artist who wasn't able to attend. The speech I wrote got the audience really worked up. Unfortunately, I only have four little video clips to show for it.

Other Madness -- My website is chock full of stuff you may find interesting.

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